Con_Text_Conference Berlin: Workshop: Put in Presence

PUT IN PRESENCE. Workshop by Swantje Lichtenstein, 5/11/2017, 2-5 pm, Léttretage, Berlin

Until the 1960 „art has seemed to be „out of touch“ with its ‚public’ with ‚social values’, with ‚economic realities’, with information theory, linguistic analyis etc.“ (Art & Language, 1972, 14). This changed tremendously for art, but didn’t affected vice versa literature, it even lead contemporary literature to a prohibition of presence and a refutation of literature as language art which is also to be shown, put in public, put in presence. The move to digitality changed the ways of publishing and visibility of language, but the contextualization and theorizing hasn’t even started. This collaborative workshop collects and shares knowledge, liberates ideas and words etc. and tries to find answers and new questions.


November 8, 2017, Category: poertry; performance/Works,